Settlers With Guys December 23, 2012










Went to church at 8am to serve on the acacia worship team. It was PG’s second to last time speaking to us today. Emceed at the end. In SS we went over the story of the first Christmas and three different reactions to Christ’s birth by the people mentioned in the account. Spent the afternoon working and resting. For dinner I went to a bday party for Jenn at her house in woodland.

Went to nugget to pick up some bread before going. I was supposed to buy a certain type of bread, but they had completely sold out of their large loaves by late afternoon. When I got there, the only things on the racks were smaller 2-3 person rolls.

I started gathering some of them together to buy most of the remaining inventory.

However, I realized I didn’t have a basket, so I ran over to the front of Nugget to pick one up, all the while hoping that no one would steal my precious bread during the 10 seconds I was gone.

When I returned to the bread, I was dismayed to find a lady putting my pile of bread into her basket.

I silently began competing with her for the remaining rolls, and both of us stuffed most of the remaining rolls into our baskets. Luckily, the ones that I grabbed turned out to be enough for the potluck.

The food was absolutely amazing. The meat was to die for. I thinks it’s probably one of the five best meals I’ve had in the past five years.

After dinner, when many of the guests had left, luke, kiefer, vince/rob, and I played a game of settlers. I had the game in the bag, and was on the brink of winning, but I played a monopoly dev card incredibly stupidly (got 0 resources with it), and eventually lost the game to vince/rob. Wowzers.