My Window Replaced November 15, 2012







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A guy came over to fix the window next to my desk today — the one that had been shattered by a stray golf ball some days ago. The company estimated that it would possibly take over an hour and a half to do the job, but in reality it was actually something like 5 minutes. He just took it off, put a new one in, and was gone before I knew it.

Went to the grad at 5:30 to watch the spurs vs knicks game with my ballin buddies. Knicks were trailing for much of the second half, but ended up squeezing out yet another victory. They’re 6-0 now. Crazy.

Buster Posey won NL MVP today. The dude’s a beast.

My parents went somewhere and filled this large bag with nuts off the ground. I’m not sure what type of nut it is, but it smells like someone is constantly passing gas. My dad spent time peeling them outside in the backyard, far away from the rest of us (lest we pass out).

Apparently they’re pretty tasty (and not as stanky) once they’re dried out and prepared.