Script During Soccer November 10, 2012









122712_IMG_4952 copy.jpg

Prestudy was at emman’s place. Ate joyce’s cooking till I was about to explode. Spent the afternoon writing up a few posts for work. At 3, my family walked over to nugget fields to watch my brother play soccer. I wrote up a skit script for tomorrow’s children’s worship lesson while watching. The soccer game was the championship game for Davis AYSO, and my bro’s team won 1-0.

For youth group, I split off with a group of 5 youth to practice the skit for tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be both fun and meaningful.

Many of my recent photos have been captured using cameras I’m testing for review. They often force me to use new RAW editing programs that I’m unfamiliar with, resulting in pretty shoddy results. I’m terribly sorry if you show up in my photographs looking hideous. I’ll try to master these new programs soon.