Laptop Fix For Lucy October 29, 2012






Kalai and KJ couldn’t make it to bball today, so I recruited from outside our team. Got Yao to come play with us, which was awesome since there was only one court available. We ended up winning perhaps five games on court 1 due to the fact that we had two legit big men dominating inside. Went and helped lucy fix her laptop on the way home.

It was a really tricky issue. Her Windows 7 wouldn’t show any text at all, and none of the menus worked. Start menu couldn’t be opened. Everything was just blank.

After an hour or two, I got it working again by doing a couple of system restores and some Command Prompt commands. Even though the restores said they failed, when we tried booting the computer up again, it informed us that the restore worked. Lo and behold, it was fine again. PTL.

Took some pretty random shots of my desk after midnight after realizing that I didn’t have any photos for the day. Yup, I’m a cheater.