Uverse Gets Installed October 1, 2012


Work was going pretty smoothly until a little after 1, when the AT&T technician showed up. He was here to install U-Verse and double our Internet speed for the same price. What we didn’t know was that the install involved up to three hours of downtime. It ended up being finished in about 1.5-2 hours, but I had a huge disruption in my work schedule.

Had to also go make a bball appointment, so I did less posts than usual today before heading out. Made up for it after getting back though.

Our Internet is MUCH faster now, which will definitely be nice for work. We’re getting 12Mbps instead of 6. I can definitely tell the difference.

At bball today, we got rocked a couple of times at the end by a team with “the twins”. They played zone defense and shut our interior game down.