Worship Leader Mtg September 27, 2012






Had the craziest dream/sleepwalking experience last night. Dreamed that I was being hunted by someone with a gun, and when he found me, I desperately tried to dive into some protective structure to save my life. Turns out what actually happened was that I shoved my body into the crevasse between my bed and my wall, smashing my face against the wall.

Got a bloody nose, and bloodied up my bed in the middle of the night — all while dreaming that I had gotten shot.

I only discovered all this after waking up in the morning and finding blood on my face and red circles on my bed.

This is the second incident in the past week or so. A few days ago, I jumped out of my bed in the middle of the night, shouting “Eureka! I’ve solved it!” I remember being dazed, thinking about my next course of action, before succumbing to sleepiness and climbing back into bed.

I wonder why this stuff is happening all of a sudden.

Had a worship coordinator meeting from 6 to 7:30 this evening at church. Emman organized it and got dos coyotoes salad for all of us. Was pretty awesome salad.