Pricey Beef Jerky September 24, 2012




I think the jetlag is wearing off after a fourth day of good sleep and normal routine. I have a bunch of stuff piled up waiting to be reviewed for my work. Was putting it to the side while prepping for Photokina, but now that I’m back from Germany, I’ll need to start plowing through it. Played bball with the crew at 5. Waited an hour for our first game.

Won that game, which was pretty satisfying. A new school year is starting at UCD, so students are coming back to campus. Was super packed today for the first portion, but cleared up after a while… to the point where there wasn’t enough people for games on all 3 courts.

Felt a bit hungry on the courts, so I ran over to the ARC shop and bought another bag of beef jerky. Food is way overpriced in the shop — the not-so-large bag cost me about $15.