Crazy Journey Home September 20, 2012
















Woke up at around 1130 something. My train ride to Frankfurt was at 1050. When i saw the time on my phone, I shouted “OH SHOOT!!!!!” Threw all my stuff in my bag, did a quick visual sweep of the room, scrambled downstairs, checked out of the hotel, and sprinted to the metro.

Rode to the next stop on the last ride of my 4-ride ticket, getting off at cologne main station. Sprinted to my track, and found that the next train to Frankfurt was at 1155. My airplane to America from Frankfurt, one hour away, was at 130.

I didn’t have the right train ticket, but at the same time I didn’t have time to buy or exchange for the right ticket. I got onto the train and then explained my situation to the conductor. He nodded at me and said we’d deal with the issue when he reached me. When he finally did reach me, he simply passed me over and never asked for my ticket. Thanks Mr. Conductor man. Appreciated his kindness very much.

Got randomly stopped at the airport security checkpoint while they swabbed my DSLR. Apparently they don’t expedite the process simply because you look like you’re in a rush. I ran away after the examination, and forgot my laptop back at the security line. One of the employees had to run after me to return it.

Ran past a mandatory passport/ticket checkpoint, but they just called for me to return instead of shutting down the airport and having security guards tackle me.

Boarding time started at 1245. Got there at 105. It was probably the hardest I’ve ever sprinted, and I had a fat backpack on and was dragging a carry on case behind me. At times, I had to carry the large case in my arms, since uneven ground and stairs weren’t too friendly toward my case’s wheels. I’m sure I looked ridiculous at all points of my hectic journey from the hotel to the airport. Was one of the most stressful situations I’ve ever been in.

On the plane, my row of 4 in the middle only had two people, and the other person was on the other end. Thus, both of us could put our armrest up and have super wide seats. Had two entertainment screens, two pillows, and two blankets. Win.