John After Basketball August 27, 2012








I’m going to be going to Photokina in Cologne, Germany next month, and attending a Leica press event while I’m there. Just got confirmation about my travel plans today. Flying Lufthansa from Sac to Colorado, then from Colorado to Germany. A one hour train ride caps off the massive journey. Will be in Europe for either three or four nights.

Went to play bball after work. Had a full team with yao, john, charles, and kj.

Got into an argument with a team that claimed to have next game after we waited three games to be on. We clearly followed the unspoken rules of the court, so we ended up playing. When I step back and think about it, it’s like playground arguments all over again.

Spent more time getting caught up on this photoblog in the evening. Finished season one of Fringe with my bro. It’s pretty interesting.