Losing And Waiting August 20, 2012



Pretty sunburned today. I can’t seem to apply correctly or enough to stay completely fine through a rafting trip — especially if I choose to go into the water. Had leftover steak for lunch — was just as good as it was yesterday. Went and balled with kj, charles, kalai, and aiko at 5pm. We lost a lot, and ended up only playing a few games the whole evening.

Was pretty fun though, even if we did have to sit around and wait for most of the time.

During one of the games, I tried to make a steal, and ended up smacking the ball up innto my own face. It hit my eye pretty hard, and I was crying out of my left eye for quite some time afterward. Healed pretty quickly though.

Spent the evening getting various things done — things that I’ve been putting off… Like cleaning up my room, organizing papers on my desk, responding to some business emails, and the like. Didn’t have any time to work more on my toast for the wedding. Gotta spend time the rest of this week.