Some Free Books August 13, 2012




Hmm… Didn’t really take any pictures today. Shot some random flash-enabled photos around my desk while blogging late into the morning. I’ve been doing the start of each day’s work the night before so that east coast readers can have stuff to look at when they arrive at work. Played a ridiculous amount of bball today.

Well, actually I stayed at the ARC a ridiculous amount of time (nearly 4 hours I think). Balled with KJ and yao at first, but only first court had games running. Lost a couple times there, and spent quite some time waiting for a new game.

It was only later in the evening that we got a good team together for court two and then dominated for a while (some close games though. That’s when it’s fun).

Starting to get more packages in the mail. Making arrangements with various camera companies to receive loaner products for short periods of time to do editorial reviews. I only started doing reviews recently. It’s pretty fun, but I’m definitely going to need to pace myself lest I get tired of them.

Some publisher also sent me a box of books today. 4 books. 2 of them are about photography. I don’t do book reviews though… Oh well.