Canon Repair Fail July 9, 2012








Woke up at 5am this morning with an itchy forehead. After a bit of rubbing and scratching, I used my phone as a mirror and discovered a sizable mosquito bite. Couldn’t sleep knowing that a mosquito had just nibbled on my face, so I stayed up playing a couple rounds of “Kingdom Rush” before finally spotting and killing the little bugger.

Work went pretty smoothly. Focused on work and didn’t really take any big breaks since I had a bball appointment. Went to the arc at 5pm to ball with KJ and Yao. We ended up playing another 2-3 hours straight on court two. It’s super fun to never have to sit.

In the evening I tried performing surgery on my dad’s compact Canon camera to remove the dust that has been showing up in his pictures. It was pretty clearly on his sensor, so I opened up his camera and figure out how to lift up the sensor in the back. Cleaned it up and put everything back together. Only when I tried to start it up again did I realize that something had gone wrong. Even though I had successfully cleared away all the dust, I had accidentally cracked the IR filter in front of the sensor, so there was massive cracks all across the pictures. Eventually decided to go in and clear away the broken filter. Now we have an infrared-enabled camera that doesn’t focus properly (need to add a buffer to make up for the IR sensor…). Will look into getting my dad another camera.