An Old Shoebox April 19, 2012





Hired my first full time writer for PetaPixel today. Going to try and expand in a couple different directions in the next few months. Had a pretty productive day of work, and then went to the ARC at 5 to play basketball. Played with billy for a while, and left at 7:30 or so. Spent the evening playing ping pong and getting stuff done downstairs working next to my bro.

Isaac and I have both been watching korean starcraft replay videos. They’re actually pretty interesting. It’s very much like watching sports being played.

Received an old shoebox from the marketing department of an online company. They informed me a while back that they’d be sending it to me. It’s a personal “treasure chest” from someone who lived long ago, filled with vintage photos and other really old stuff (exposed rolls of film, a loupe, etc…). I’ll just keep it tucked away somewhere.