Hole In My Shoe April 17, 2012










A nasty hole has been developing in my basketball shoe lately. I take good care of them (they’re only worn on indoor courts), but for some reason it’s tearing at this one section. I tried supergluing the hole up but it seems like superglue isn’t tough enough. I’m also going to try this Shoe Goo stuff I found on Amazon.

Paid a visit to bank of america at around lunchtime to cash some checks. Wanted it to go faster than the ATMs I usually use since I need to make some tax payments, but I found out afterward that the processing time is the same, and that cashing the checks at the bank itself doesn’t even give me the nice photocopy receipts that the ATMs print out.

Grabbed some Carls on the way home.

We had a pretty big prayer meeting tonight.

Went to OTH afterward. Jack and I then headed to the MU to play pool, but found that the parking garage was reserved for a special event till midnight (so we couldn’t pay the few quarters like we normally do).