Starcraft With Bro April 10, 2012




Dropped my bro off at DHS at 2:30 for a tennis match in elk grove. It was raining here in davis, but apparently elk grove didn’t get any rain clouds today. Spent the evening at home spending time with family. Played ping pong with both parents, and watched them rally a bit as well. I’ve been playing left-handed a lot these days to try and improve at it.

Stayed home from prayer meeting today, as I felt like I needed an evening at home to both get some stuff done and to hang out, since I’ve been going out most evenings of the week.

Recently I started playing a little Starcraft (Brood War) for the first time in my life. My brother and I have “duels”. I play terran and he goes protoss.

Ate two southwest melts from carls jr for lunch — my first time trying them. Used a coupon that made it 2 for $5. Was okay. The flavor was a bit too strong for my liking, but it was pretty good.