Bay Area Convention March 3, 2012





















Woke up at 5:30, quickly got my stuff together, and got dropped off at halsey at 6am. Jack and jess rallied there too, and the four of us (joe included) left for castro valley to attend the bay area sunday school convention. We stopped to pick up yingnan on the way, but he decided at the last moment that it’d probably be better for him to stay in davis.

My dad attended the conference also, but he started yesterday and stayed in the bay area last night at my aunt’s place.

Attended workshops on asian american culture, talking to tennis about purity, and another talk geared towards men in the church on purity. Joe and jess attended talks on domestic violence, while jack attended workshops on fathers and anger. We discussed and “compared notes” afterward (so splitting up was good).

There was a book sale in the main building. We spent quite a bit of time looking through the books, and I ended up buying quite a few books that were quite cheap compared to their amazon list prices.

Ate a bbq sandwhich at lunch. Dad got the same thing.

Listened to the “keynote message” by sherwood carthen. It was a VERY different preaching style than what I’ve experienced growing up. The message was on hope, and was pretty encouraging. He even decided to do a spontaneous altar call at the end for people who wanted to be prayed over on the issue of hope.

Left after the second afternoon workshop. Stopped at a jamba juice in castro valley on the way home. When we got back to the car, joe’s car wouldn’t start. We sat there for quite a while before the special button in his car (installed by his dad) caused the car to start.

Got back to davis at 5 sometime. Got a ride home from jack. Rested, had some dinner, and then drove to church for youth group

Yingnan led the youth on a recap of the messages we heard last weekend at our retreat. We broke into guys and girls afterward to discuss.

Some of us guy staff stayed afterward talking about all kinds of random things while the girl staff had a sharing time of their own.

The youth worship team completely put together, practiced, and led the worship set by themselves tonight. Awesome.