Microphone Equipment January 31, 2012






Went to watermelon music in the early afternoon to see if I could find the missing piece on the used mic stand I bought recently for $10. The owner was quite nice, spending time trying to fit a piece he salvaged from a broken stand they had onto my stand. Finally he was able to provide me with the swiveling section.

It’s ghetto (it uses a screw and a round cylinder of wood for two tightening sections), but it works, and was given to me for free. I decided to buy a mic from the place and a cable from the place as well since the owner did me a favor.

Later in the day, I got a reply to an email i sent to a craigslist guy who was selling the same mic in davis. It was about $30 or so cheaper used, but I had bought my new one already in the meantime. Was feeling a bit of buyers remorse over that, but felt a little better after rob told me that he’d spend extra to not have a nasty used mic (since they’re often slobbered over through normal use).