Westwood Basketball January 29, 2012





Played on the worship team this morning with the acacia band. Charlotte sang for the first time. Everything went well. Praise God! Dave L. is starting a new missions oriented curriculum in sunday school. Played basketball with some youth and acacia guys at westwood in the afternoon after acacia had church cleanup.

At 3:30, some of us gathered at halsey to play a game of citadels with the expansion cards mixed in. Anna got to 8 districts first, but jack ended up winning the game even though he didn’t reach 8 first and didn’t have one of each district color. It’s the first time that has happened with us.

Spent the evening at home with fam. Had costco pizza for dinner. Worked on editing product photos for a product I’m planning to launch this week.

Might drive over to sac tomorrow to buy an amp I saw on craigslist.