Game Funishments January 24, 2012






Work went pretty smoothly today. Set my alarm clock for 8:10, so I got started with work at a good time (roughly 9pm after devos). Probably going to try and shift back to waking up at 7am. Shot some hoops in the afternoon. Played some ping pong with my dad after dinner. Took a shower. Went to prayer meeting.

The acacia sisters had a separate prayer meeting tonight at jess’ house, so the only woman in our prayer group tonight was joyce. PG left after the sharing time, so we prayed korean style.

Hung out for a bit with jack at OTH after. We then went to his house, where anna joined us for some bananagrams, egyptian rat screw, and big two. After a couple games of big two, we started playing with “funishments”. The first funishment was eating a chunk of tangerine rind. The second was consuming a mixture of chocolate syrup, sriracha sauce, ranch dressing, strawberry jam, and water.