Learning Stone Age January 23, 2012







My brother didn’t have school today because it was a teacher work day. I guess the school district wants to give the students a long weekend after an intense week of final exams. Got some tiny thumbnail photos printed at CVS this afternoon for the new PetaPixel product I’m working on. Working on taking product photos right now.

Had dinner with my parents in the evening. Felt like I haven’t eaten with them in forever.

Went to halsey at around 8 to play board games with rob and joe. We played a game of stone age. It was my first time. Somehow I ended up winning the game. Was pretty lucky. Like the game. Fun.

Sat around and talked with rob while joe chatted with jess on the phone. Then rob went upstairs to play computer games while joe came down. Spent some time talking to joe. Went home at around 11:30.