Bball Like A Bum January 12, 2012




Picked up bro at 2:30 and finished worked at 3:30. Went and spent some time talking to dave l. at the park near his house. We’ve been meeting up every two weeks. Got to the umall parking lot at 5pm to meet with jon, and then discovered that we had a miscommunication. Jon thought we were going to ball with billy at 6.

Stuck around at umall and decided to grab some food at the grad. Ordered bbq wings ($4 appetizer) and watched some basketball on the big screen.

Jon came at 6, and we drove over to the arc. Billy was there already when we got there, and had called “next next”, meaning we were scheduled to play after the game after the current game.

Wore a super old shirt today that’s literally falling apart. Has holes all over the place, but most of my other bball shirts are in the wash and I thought, “might as well wear it before throwing it away”. Billy started laughing though, saying I looked like a hobo.

We were on a team with two strangers for our first game, and ended up winning that one by a lot. We then swapped over to the incoming team because jon wanted to play with a guy he knew (jason t.). The three of us, jason, and his friend ended up going on a win streak on second court. Billy left at 8, but jon and I kept winning until around 8:45 or 9. It’s really fun pushing myself to see how much running I can endure. Was super exhausted by the end, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore all over tomorrow.