Gym With Yangs December 22, 2011










Spent the first part of the day working downstairs (I haven’t been working from my room this week since my bro is on vacation). Went to the ARC at 2:30 to play basketball with John. It was almost completely empty when we first got there, but we eventually got to play a few games. Won the first one, and then lost the next two.

Jaron arrived at 5, and the three of us went to the weight room to lift.

In the evening, joe came over to play some ping pong and hang out. Halsey house is empty now that billy and rob have gone home for the holidays.

At 8:30, we had our NBA fantasy league draft. John’s the one that put the league together, and there are some people in the league that I don’t even know.

Made some pretty dumb moves during the draft. Picked a whole bunch of unproven rookies, including kyrie and jimmer. Maybe my gambles will pay off, but I think I’ll probably get crushed. It’s okay though, since I didn’t want to spend too much time or brainpower on this fantasy basketball thing anyway.