Settling Into Home December 9, 2011













Last night was freezing, even though I had a thick blanket and a sleeping bag. Gonna have to use the heater tonight. We’ve finished bringing most of our stuff to the new house, though most of it is piled up in the garage. We can’t find most things we need. It’ll take quite some time to sort everything out.

Worked at common grounds in the morning. Got some donuts and drinks at safeway, and then a extra large latte at common grounds. Working at a coffee shop is pretty nice, but only when the internet is running quickly (as it was today). It’s nice being around other human beings during the day for a change.

At around 12 or 1 I went to the old house to pick up some of the few remaining things we have there and dropped off some drinks while I was there. I then went to the new place to see if I could get the DSL working.

The support person last night said that it would be working by noon today, and I indeed received a call in the morning saying that the order had been completely. However, both modems we have continued to show zero DSL connectivity.

A nice support lady ended up arranging an appointment for a technician to visit the house. However, the earliest possible appointment was next monday — a whole weekend with no internet (I’m kinda getting used to not having internet though. It’s kinda freeing).

I resigned to that fate, and went ahead with the scheduling. However, I decided to give the local technician that installed the order a final call. He repeated that the problem had to be in the house, since he detected a strong signal outside. That’s when I gave up.

A few minutes later, I received a voicemail from the same tech asking me to call him back. When I did, he said that he talked to someone else who had previously visited our house. That technician informed him that the house had DSL problems before, so the previous owners had it moved to a separate line that’s only accessible through the jack in the master bedroom.

I quickly tried the modem at that jack, and ‘lo and behold, it started working! Praise God. Not having DSL for four days was extremely frustrating. It was a huge blessing that we were able to figure out what was wrong without having to wait for the technician to come on monday.

Worked some more in the afternoon from home, and spent a good amount of time help move more stuff and arranging stuff in my room.

Went to acacia in the evening, where dave and vivian spoke on missions.