The Move Begins December 8, 2011












The big move day finally arrived. Worked from morning till noon at common grounds over near safeway. My mom then emailed me informing me that the sale had been finalized, and that we finally got the keys to the house. I finished up a post and then went to go move the first batch of stuff and set up the internet.

Even though the technician said that the internet was set up, it didn’t work all day. I finally called and they said that the request hadn’t been finished. The guy put us on some kind of rush list, and said that it should be working tomorrow by noon. AT&T has some of the worst customer service of any company I’ve dealt with.

Spent the rest of the day moving, and stopped a couple times at Nugget in between to use their Wi-Fi and post some more.

Had carls jrs for lunch and subway for dinner.

Joe and jess stopped by at around 9 to check out the house. We gave them a tour, and then I went over to jess’ place to help them unload and build a wardrobe they got from ikea.

Our stuff is still all over the place. Its going to take a long time to find everything and put them in suitable places.