Working At Church December 6, 2011












My brother woke me up this morning with the news that our internet wasn’t working. Spent over an hour on the phone with at&t, and discovered that the reason was probably because they turned off our internet two days early. I had called yesterday to have it transfered to our new house on thursday.

I got transferred four times. Tech support sent me to customer service, who transferred me to tech support incorrectly, causing the call to be ended. I then called tech support again, and — after waiting for a long time on hold — had them send me to customer service again. I then talked to the customer service agent (who always speaks mandarin at first. i think it has to do with our account), who informed me that everything looked normal on their end, and found myself transferred back to tech support.

Finally, tech support informed me that even if they discovered why the DSL had been disconnected, getting it back up would be very tedious, and would likely require placing a new order. Since this wouldn’t likely take effect until after our move, it was pointless. I gave up, and our family surrendered to a fate of being internetless for two to three days.

I drove over to the library, found it closed, and decided to go spend the day working at church instead. It was pretty fun working in the conference room near the pastors’ offices, and see/hearing what goes on during a normal weekday at church.

Got fluffies for breakfast and subway for lunch. Subway has a $2 sub deal going on right now, so I got a meatball footlong for $4.

Went home at around 4 to continue packing. Had dinner with family and then went to prayer meeting.

Continued packing up in the evening.

The remodeling that’s going on in our inner bathroom is nearly complete.

We’re trying to sell my brother’s heavy wooden table, so we took it outside into the front yard. He’s currently table-less and working on the floor.