Chili At Halsey November 7, 2011







Had a stressful day today. After waking up, doing devos, and cleaning up, I discovered that PP was down. Eventually I found out that there was some big router issue with Level 3 and Juniper, causing thousands of sites to experience downtime today. The site was on and off for most of the work day until mid-afternoon.

Tried to do some work once it was back up, but it was still a pretty bad day in terms of traffic.

Went to halsey house in the evening for house dinner with the dudes. Stopped by safeway on the way and bought another box of klondike bars and a block of sharp cheddar cheese.

Ate joe’s mom’s chile, and yingnan’s fried rice. Both were extremely good.

Hung out for a bit afterward and then drove home. Finally got around to updating this blog today after nearly a month of not updating.

Now that both joe and billy are engaged, some of my photos in the past couple months have become declassified. An example would be the day when halsey house and I went to arden to look at rings.

Sorry for the disgustingness of the first photograph. Here’s an explanation: I woke up at 3 or 4am with a weird feeling on my face. After turning on the light, I discovered blood everywhere. For some reason, I had gotten a bloody nose while sleeping, and thankfully I woke up before it got all over the bed and the sheets (though it did get on my pillow). Maybe I accidentally bashed my face into the wall or something…