Joe Jess Engagement November 6, 2011





















Daylight savings time either started or ended yesterday (not sure which it was), but we had an extra hour of sleep tonight. I slept early, and woke up pretty late. Got to church just on time. Had communion serving duties today, and it was my first time praying for it. George was the other prayer.

In sunday school we had the team that went to mexico this past summer share about their experiences.

Rested a bit in the afternoon, and then drove over to arroyo park at 3:40 something to help joe with his engagement plan. My job was to protect the UFO sculpture until they arrived, making sure kids didn’t play around on it. I wore a random thick beanie and a thick sweater — both of which I never wear outside the house.

Was talking to rachel on the phone while waiting for joe to arrive. Joe said he would arrive around 4:10 from the bike path, so I was staring at the bike path with eagle eyes from the UFO in the general direction of Emerson.

Suddenly, I happen to glace to the left, and found myself staring joseph in the eyes. They had rented a bike carriage thing, and had come on the bike path through the bike tunnel from the opposite side of where I though they would come from.

Thinking I had completely messed things up, I quickly spun around and started walking in the other direction. Joe had the carriage biker dude ride the bike in the other direction as well. He then walked with jess towards emman’s place, away from the UFO in order to give me time to flee.

I quickly hopped into the bushes next to arroyo pool, and started watching. Joe then looped back and sat down on the UFO with jess. Jess wasn’t in the right position (I had told joe that she should be facing Arroyo pool), so joe picked her up and moved her a couple feet into position. He then proposed, while I photographed everything lying down inside the bushes.

Once it was done, I gave them a call (called jess, since joe wasn’t picking up), and found out that jess actually hadn’t seen me when they were emerging out of the tunnel. My disguise had allowed me to be unrecognizable to her. Wheew.

Went home, ate dinner with my fam, and then went over to halsey house for an engagement party. Joe’s parents came as well. On my way there, I had one of the photographs showing joe proposing printed and framed at CVS.

Congrats you two!