Leg Hair Discovery November 1, 2011




Had an extremely slow news day today. Was pretty stressful for the entire day, as there wasn’t really anything interesting to write about or report on. It was extremely windy today — I’m hoping it dies down by thursday so we can play outdoor basketball in the evening. Wind is super annoying for sports.

At prayer meeting in the evening, yingnan was the other other acacia person for a while before rob and brenda joined us late. We shared and then prayed korean style.

Made a horrible discovery while talking to yingnan at prayer meeting. I was looking down, when I noticed something strange about my legs. It suddenly dawned on me that working while sitting on my legs and kneeling these days has caused me to lose leg hair in the areas that come in contact with the ground. Gotta cut sitting on my legs and kneeling out of my acceptable work positions.