Not Bike Thieves October 21, 2011



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While I was working in the morning, I heard some rustling outside. Looking out the window from a different room, I saw that there were guys in the small area outside our side fence where we store some old bikes. They were lifting the bikes over the fence onto the cemetary side. I thought I was watching people steal our bikes.

I ran to my room and swapped out my lens for my 70-200mm, since I wanted to photograph their faces if they were in fact thieves. I couldn’t get a good view of them, so I decided to go confront them and ask them what they were doing.

I squeezed behind the fence into the field behind my house, and said, “Hey, what are you guys doing with those bikes?”. As they turned to look at me, I lifted up my camera and started photographing their faces. The conversation went something like this,

Me: “Hey, what are you guys doing with those bikes?”
Them: “These bikes? I don’t know. You want one?”
Me: “Uh… You know they belong to that house right?”
Them: “Oh, are they yours?”
Me: “Yeah. Can you guys just throw them back over the fence?”
Them: “We’re going to be clearing all this out”

So it turns out the guys might have been workers who are working to clear out the area. The big plot of land near my house will soon be developed on, and things are starting to come down. I think the guys noticed that there were some old bikes sitting on the land, and decided to clear them away.

Haha. Was pretty nervous during the encounter.

Turns out we don’t really want the bikes after all. They ended up not tossing the bikes back over, so right now they’re all just sitting in the field behind our house.

At Acacia in the evening Lily led a lesson on courtship. I got there a bit late, and found that everyone was sitting around folding up socks for the Grace in Action sock drive our church is doing.

After fellowship, I went over to Halsey house to play some guitar with rob. He’s going to be helping with worship this Sunday.