Attempting Crepes September 28, 2011








Shot some hoops at the korematsu courts in the evening for exercise. Often when I’m there, I feel like it’s an exercise wheel and I’m a hamster. Thinking about stuff while shooting hoops is pretty relaxing. In the evening, instead of making some grilled cheese sandwhiches for my bro, I decided to try making some crepes.

I made way too much batter, but in the end the three guys in my fam were able to finish all of them. The crepes were pretty nasty looking and burned in the beginning, but then I think I eventually figured out a more optimal temperature and way of distributing the batter across the pan.

Was planning to order lamppost pizza for dinner with a $20 groupon I bought a while back, but then read the fine print today and discovered that it was dine-in only. I’ll have to use it sometime soon since it expires on the 10th of next month.