Double Sporting September 12, 2011








Billy texted at 4:50 and asked if I wanted to ball at 5:20. I was just finishing up work and not really ready, but I quickly wrote a final post, gobbled some food (lest I start starving on the court), and headed over to the arc.

Since my membership ran out a few weeks ago, I paid $7.50 for a day pass today. Last time I renewed for a month, the person at the desk said I didn’t need my sponsor there to renew, but today the person at the desk said I did, so I couldn’t get a month pass.

Rested for a bit after getting home at around 7:30 or 8, and then went and played tennis at the UCD courts with my bro at 9:30. I was hitting pretty well today, and isaac couldn’t win any of the rally games we played. When he plays well it’s sometimes difficult to win, but today he was off while I was in the zone.