Football Kickoff September 8, 2011









Had leftovers from dinner last night for lunch, which was pretty dang good. Picked up my bro from school at 2:30. A pretty popular website featured my new stickers today, so my parents spent a good part of the evening handling shipping. Watched some of the nfl season kickoff game between the packers and the saints.

My bro watched a tiny bit with me, but for the most part he needed to work hard on his homework (he has a ton).

I hate how headphones never last as long as you hope they do. My family has probably gone through 5-10 of them in the past couple years. My bro recently had the left earbud fail on one of his apple headphones, and I had the right one fail on my favorite sony earbuds. I purchased some wireless headphones and another cheap pair of earbuds on amazon a couple days ago, but tonight I suddenly realized that I had an headphone jack splitter in my drawer. Using it, I used my bros headphones for my right ear, and my broken ones for my left year. Voila — siamese headphones!