Spike In Orders September 2, 2011






Orders for my new stickers were still going strong today, but I’m guessing it’ll cool down after this initial excitement. Hopefully it stabilizes at a good level though. Work went pretty well this past week, as there was usually a good amount of interesting stuff going on.

The second half of my sticker order arrived today. The same FedEx dude dropped them off, and asked me what the shipment was. I showed him, and gave him a sticker sheet just for fun.

Didn’t do much besides work today. Acacia was cancelled in the evening because of labor day and the fact that so many people are gone. Took a walk with my mom in the evening and shot some hoops under a streetlight at the korematsu courts.

Giants beat the diamondbacks today. Hopefully they can come back and win the division, even though they’re a number of games behind the dbacks right now.