Cyst Size Typo August 29, 2011





My mom went to woodland this morning for a followup ultrasound scan for her liver. When she got it checked out some weeks ago, they informed her that she had a large (I think it was something like 7 centimeters) cyst on her liver that was causing her pain. Recently they called and asked to do a followup checkup.

I’ve been praying for her lately, and brought it up last tuesday at prayer meeting as well. A 7cm cyst is a huge thing to have on your liver…

Well, when my mom went in this morning, they took a look at the previous scans, called the person who had looked at the scan previously, and discovered that it was actually a typo. The cyst was actually only 7mm, and they had accidentally written cm. It’s crazy how God answers our prayers — it was like a physical healing through a typo. Haha. Praise God.

My brother switched his first period class to seventh period, so now he gets out of school at 3:30, meaning my mom can pick him up. He also leaves home at 8:30 in the morning now, meaning my dad takes him to school instead of my mom.

Walked over to korematsu with the ‘rents and shot some hoops at dusk.