Karens Farewell August 6, 2011








Had prestudy at emmans place in the morning. We didn’t really get around to preparing for the lesson much since eating breakfast and praying took up 2 hours, but it was nice just hanging out. Spent pretty much the entire afternoon preparing for worship, since I’m doing both rhythm and sunday service this weekend.

Brian IMed me in the afternoon and ended up being available for worship, and then I found out lucas was back, and mandy was available too, so we actually had a 4 member team today when I thought it might just be me.

For dinner we had guad burritos (thanks joe and jess!) since yingnan was still returning from cbm.

At the end of yg tonight we had karen say farewell to the youth since it was her last time with us tonight. She’s going back home to work on her medical school applications.

Thanks for all the time you’ve spent with us Karen!