Computer Fixing July 27, 2011



072811_2011-07-27 19.23.02.jpg

Played basketball at the arc from 5 to about 6:30, and then went to auntie jane’s place to see what was wrong with her computer. She told me this past sunday that she can’t view videos, so I thought it might be some kind of flash issue. Turns out her internet is too slow, so it takes forever to buffer the vids.

Learned the five root shapes last night. Found out that my new scanner is still pretty dang useful even though it doesn’t scan film like I hoped it would (which was the reason I bought it). Coupled with my laser printer, it’s pretty much a copier that I can use to print out the exercises and quizzes in my guitar lesson books.

Wired some money over to china today for some samples to be made.