Renewed Membership July 26, 2011




Got the two guitar books I ordered off amazon today, and long with the 3 sets of strings in case my strings break sometime soon. A few bucks per pack for highly rated strings isn’t so bad. Arranged to ball with yao and john at 7:30 because I thought I needed to get sponsored again.

When I got to the counter, I discovered that I didn’t actually need to get sponsored again, but could simply renew my membership. Bought a month for $40 — a much better deal than the $7.50 I’ve been paying every time I go. Waited for a while for the guys to arrive, but couldn’t call them since I left my phone at home. Ended up going in and reserving a spot in a game before they arrived.

Played until the arc closed at 10. It gets pretty empty late at night, to the point where the games aren’t very fun anymore because the people aren’t competitive. That happens when there’s no one waiting for next game.

Working on a couple projects with manufacturers in china. Things are coming along pretty nicely. Might have something to show within the next month or two.