The Guitar Wheel July 25, 2011




Bought a guitar theory tool off amazon called the guitar wheel. It’s pretty dense and confusing, and I have no clue how to use it yet, but hopefully when I get the theory book I ordered it’ll start making more sense. Practiced bar chords and finger agility exercises tonight.

Our internet was miraculously back up today after being down all of yesterday, and the speed has returned to normal. I also called AT&T, and they offered a “retention” for us to stay with them by whacking off $10 from our bill each month. I had heard that it’s pretty easy to get $10 off your current plan if you just call.

I was trying to get upgraded to the next fastest plan, since the technicians came in the past told me that we were capped at a slower speed, but the rep I talked to today said that we were already at the fastest speed we could get at this residence.