No Internet Day July 24, 2011





Went to church today expecting to do emcee duties, but didn’t have to in the end because PG took over (we ran short on time after a brief sharing by missionaries). Played basketball with john and frank from 2-4:45. Recently I’ve been trying get better at three things: photography, basketball, and guitar.

Our internet was completely down all day today after slow speeds yesterday. The AT&T person is coming tomorrow, but I might be working at a coffee shop or something if I can’t blog from home. A neighbor also came over and asked if our internet was down, saying hers was too. Looks like it’s not just our house. I also heard that a youth living on the other side of davis isn’t getting DSL either. Cmon AT&T. Get your act together!

Started reading the AP Music Theory book that he used to study for the AP test. I also recently ordered a couple theory books that are written for acoustic guitar players, and this thing on amazon called the “Guitar Wheel” that’s used for learning theory as well.

A crazy thing I learned yesterday was that Shane Bernard from Shane & Shane doesn’t really know any music theory. He plays a ton of stuff just by ear. Crazy.