Gift Cards Gone July 23, 2011
















Drove over to borders and arrived at 8:58, just in time for the store’s opening. Going early today was a good idea. There weren’t too many people waiting to get in, and I was able to spend 20 or 30 minutes searching for books I wanted and then buy them without waiting in line.

Got a handful of books for my steadily growing “library”. Afterwards, I wondered whether I should have purchased some bibles or other books that are more suitable for giving away as gifts, since most of the books I bought could be found at much lower prices online (esp used). Since I’m planning on reading them, I maybe should have bought them used on or something. Oh well, had to use the cards.

Played bball with john and billy at the arc from 12:30 to 3 something. Paid $7.50 again to get in. I keep putting off getting a longer term membership since I don’t know how often I’m going to go, but it’s definitely not worth it anymore since I’ve gone three times in the last couple weeks.

When I got home, our phone line had no signal and our DSL had problems. Spent the next hour talking to an AT&T support rep (I think he was based in india), who ended up scheduling a technician visit for monday. We haven’t had a very good experience with our AT&T dsl this past year.

Drove over to papa murphys at 4:30 to help yingnan carry some pizzas over to church, then had worship practice with a very small team from 5 to 6 something. Since we didn’t have a drummer today, I decided to go very low-tech and not use the sound system at all. We just had 3 acoustic guitars and lucas playing “bass” on an acoustic plugged into a tiny amp.

Yingnan led the lesson tonight on acts 16.