World Cup Thriller July 17, 2011







Though I had emcee responsibilities at church, so my bro and I left home at 8:30 (parents are at a fellowship camping trip this weekend), but discovered that it was actually the missions minute emcee this weekend (bob) since it’s the third sunday of the month. That would explain why I didn’t receive an email reminder.

Went to english adult sunday school instead of the youth one because Hang is back visiting this weekend. He went to felix’s (an old counselor of mine) wedding yesterday. Rebekah shared about her recent missions trip to the Philippines.

My bro and I headed straight home after eating lunch to watch the women’s world cup final. The US women dominated the game, but Japan found their way back into the game after each goal with very opportune goals of their own. Extra time ended with the game tied 2-2, and in PKs Japan completely dominated. The US side missed the first three shots, and there’s pretty much no way to come back from that kind of deficit.

Went to the arc and played a few hours of basketball afterward with george, john, joe, and frank. My shot has been doing pretty well lately after spending quite a few days this summer shooting free throws and threes at chestnut and slide hill park.

By the time I got home, my parents had returned from their camping trip at bodega bay as well.

Cleaned and reorganized my room today to free up some room for the film scanner I bought.

After I got back from the beach trip yesterday, I decided to try and fix the tiny spec of dust I’ve been seeing in my Canon 5D’s viewfinder. It wasn’t on the mirror, so I decided to clean the focusing screen. It’s actually extremely easy to clean the focusing screen on the 5D, but it’s also extremely easy to get dust on it. It seemed like every time I wiped it and put it back, there was still some dust on it that was very visible in the viewfinder.

I finally wiped it down and blew it with some canned air, and continued blowing it after putting it back in its holder. Even though I managed to get the screen perfectly clean, the canned air actually blew a ton of fine dust particles onto the Superimposed Indicator (SI) plate. No matter how much I tried blowing the dust off this plate, it remained (and even got worse).

I even tried taking an electric toothbrush and vibrating the dust off. Didn’t work.

Most people online said that the SI plate is difficult to get to, very easily damaged, and best left to Canon’s professional service centers, so I eventually gave up yesterday, concluding that trying to clear away the dust I had caused wasn’t worth the risk of damaging my camera.

Today I decided to give it another shot. I unscrewed a couple screws and removed a small plastic piece to expose the SI plate. I then made a dust-free environment in the bathroom by first steaming it up and then sucking the hot air out with the fan.

Finally, I unlatched the SI plate, blew it a bit with compressed air, and put everything back together. I ended up cleaning away most of the annoying dust particles. There’s only a smudge on the focusing screen that I caused, but a small permanent smudge on a $30 screen isn’t a very big issue to me.