Skin For My Leica July 12, 2011



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Received a couple vinyl skins for my Leica M6 in the mail today. I got in touch with the dealer a while back, and he was nice enough to send me the skins for free (they normally go for something like $30 each). I wanted some way to protect the camera from scratches, and these will do quite nicely.

They both have a carbon-fiber-style pattern on them, and after application the camera almost looks like a carbon fiber Leica MP.

I also discovered that they don’t fit very well. It’s not because they’re poorly made, but I was sent a Leica M6 classic skin while I have a M6 TTL .85. I think the .85 makes a slight difference in the dimensions of the camera. I ended up cutting the skin up and applying it in pieces. I still like the way it looks.

Shot some photos with it at and after prayer meeting tonight. Back when I was slow with updating this blog, I would wait until I got a roll of film developed before posting multiple days at once. Since I’m updating every day now, I think I’m going to just have placeholder images displayed until I process my film and come back to these entries.

Most of the photos today (prior to having my film developed and posted) were shot with my G1 cellphone.

Update on 7/14: Got the film developed and updated this post