Spalding Infusion June 29, 2011







Weather was better today, but it was still much cooler than it should be during this time of year. Stayed home with my bro all day. My dad had to go over to campus and get fingerprinted for his new job. Don’t know if I mentioned that here already, but he recently got a good offer from a lab he really likes at just the right time. PTL.

Shot some more hoops at slide hill (mostly free throws) in the evening with my dad. Brought along a super old spalding infusion ball that we have, but ended up not using it because it’s so nasty. At the end I was somehow sinking threes left and right — got to 14 made without missing two in a row. Too bad my performance while shooting around doesn’t translate to how well I do when I play at the arc. Haha.

Drove my bro’s CBM registration form over to john yang in the evening. I think he barely made the early registration date.