Playing With Strobe June 15, 2011









Threw a softball around in the field behind my house with my dad in the afternoon, and saw a turkey family in the field. There were a large number of baby turkeys that looks just like miniature versions of the big ones. They didn’t let me get close enough for better photos, even though I was shooting at 200mm.

I also accidentally had my camera set to underexpose by a stop, so the photos came out pretty dark and are now subsequently pretty noisy after post-processing.

While walking back inside, I noticed that the CDs my dad put on the peach tree were creating rainbows on the side of the house. I guess if you ever want to shoot artificial rainbows outdoors, just bring along a disc.

In the evening I pulled out the wireless flash trigger that I purchased from Amazon a while back but never really got around to using yet. Played around a bit with it, manually triggering my 430ex with the remote after doing 1-5 second exposures with the timer.

Gonna try and do some cooler experiments with the flash sometime in the near future. Hopefully I’ll get around to it.