Word Assassin Kill June 11, 2011














Had prestudy this morning at 1030 in the church conference room. There was a vbs workday going on at the same time, with a lot of volunteers making things like decorations. Yingnan went through his lesson on Acts 10-11.

Afterward we went and had lunch together at the great wall of china buffet. They increased their price to about $10 a person, much more expensive than it was before.

Hung out with the bro for a couple hours in the afternoon, then went to church at 5 for worship practice prep. Daryl picked out the songs today as we practiced while the rest of the worship team attended a brief mexico missions trip meeting (they’re leaving tomorrow). Worship went okay even though we only had two acoustics (brandon played the other one) and lucas on the drums.

For small groups after yingnan gave the lesson, we did mixed groups again, with joyce and I leading another group together.

For dinner yingnan ordered four papa murphys pizzas. While we were eating, I decided to try and kill karolina in the “word assassins” game that youth group is doing. I had to make her say he word “overdose”, so I decided to talk about the fingers that she broke some months back while playing football with us. The flow of the conversation went something like this (paraphrased):

Me: Do you think you could’ve eaten a lot of Tylenol and kept playing?
Her: Haha, yeah maybe.
Me: I wonder how many Tylenol a person can take at once. Do you think a person can eat 10 at once?
Her (and Ying-nan): Yeah, I think so.
Me: How about 100? Haha
Her: No, haha. They would die!
Me: Haha. How would they die?
Her: They would be poisoned!
Me: Oh, haha. What’s that called again?…
Her: Overdose

Joe also killed frank today with the word “gazebo”.

Joe: Gazebo
Frank: Huh?
Joe: Gazebo
Frank: Gazebo?

Minutes later, Joe walked by annalicia, and was killed by the word “distortion”.

Annalicia: Joe, what’s a “distortionist”?
Joe: Distortionist?

Gabrielle went and killed my brother with the word “huckleberry”:

Gabrielle: Isaac, what’s the name of Tom Sawyer’s friend?
Isaac: Uhh… Huckleberry?