Observation Skills June 4, 2011









Got to prestudy a little late, but yingnan and john were the only ones there. The girls had an acacia sisters breakfast that they ate at, while joe work up late like I did, and arrived a little after me. We had some breakfast together, and then did a bible study on Acts 9 when everyone got there. The method was to Observe, Interpret, and Apply.

Worked on redesigning my photoblog and transitioning it from Moveable type to wordpress. I got the data moved over to the new system last night, and today I worked on designing and building the front end.

The guy I bought the 70-200mm also swung by today to swap lens hoods with me. He accidentally gave me the hood for his 24-70mm lens, and had to come over from sac to give me the correct one (and get his back). Hopefully I’ll find an opportunity to use the lens soon… I think VBS will be a good time.

At youth group, emmanuel led worship, and then we did a game where we split into four teams, and had to practice observing a random object/prize placed on a stool in the middle of the room. The method for assigning points was like scattergories — if you have an observation that the other groups didn’t write down, then you get a point.

The objects/prizes were: a weird bobblehead pen, a candy pretzel and fancy chocolate bar, and a bible (and some random small thing I didn’t really see closely). Was a pretty fun game/activity.

We then stayed in our groups and did the Observe/Interpret/Apply method with the youth on Acts 9, discussing it with the group afterward.