PF Chang Dinner June 2, 2011








Was a super long day today. I didn’t leave the hotel during the day and just worked from my room. When joe got off work in the evening we went and had dinner at P F Changs. We ended up ordering three shrimp and veggie dishes that weren’t very tasty but were healthier than the stuff we’ve been eating.

Went back to the hotel room after to print out fandango tickets for kung fu panda 2, but discovered that it wasn’t showing at the theater across the street. Hung around in the hotel room instead. Joe played a little SC2 while I worked on some stuff, then we both went downstairs to the exercise room to keep our muscles from atrophying.

At noon my dad did me a big favor — he drove over to a guy I contacted through craigslist in sacramento and bought a canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS on my behalf. I originally found a great deal on the lens a few days ago on eBay, but then had the seller inform me that it was actually a non-IS version that he mistakenly listed as the IS one. Got a refund.

The deal I found on Craigslist was even better ($50 less than the ebay one. I’m saving about $200 off the current street price for this used lens).