Shooting BB Gun May 25, 2011

060611_2011-05-25 17.35.03.jpg



By the time you read this, it won’t be true, but I’m nearly two months behind in updating this photoblog. I’ve been keeping up by jotting down these entries in a text file and being sure to take at least one picture every day, but actually putting them up on the blog is a pretty big hassle. Gotta get to it one of these days though.

Wanted to ball in the afternoon, but george couldn’t today and I got lazy, so I decided to just exercise at home while watching the mavericks/thunder game. Also saw some of the giants game with my bro.

Dustin called in the evening. We chatted for a while — the first time in quite a few weeks. After graduating from college it can be hard keeping in touch with old friends, and I definitely don’t do a good job initiating.