A Win And A Loss May 18, 2011











Had two semifinal playoff games in IM softball today. At 530 I gave tiff, courtney, and christine a ride to their IM football game at 6. They put up a good fight, but ended up getting beat pretty badly. From there we rushed over to our softball game, which was against the only team we lost to in the regular season.

The game was pretty close, and we maintained a 2-3 run lead throughout most of the game. In the last half inning, they tied it up 5-5, and had bases loaded with two outs. I threw two balls (it’s 3 balls and 2 strikes in IM softball), and had two super tense pitches. If either of them had been balls (i.e. not hitting the base from the pitchers mound), it would have brought a runner home and our season would be over. Somehow both of the pitches hit the plate and the game went into extra innings. We scored a single run, then held them scoreless (tyson made an incredible falling catch at the end) to win the game.

Was one of the craziest games I’ve played in any sport.

Hung out at the arc for a while with some of the guys while we waited for our mens game at 9. While I was there I went to starbucks to fill up my water bottle and was surprised to see ditha standing behind the counter. Didn’t know she started working there. Hah.

At our 9 o’clock semifinal game we played a team composed of IM staff members, including the umpire that called our earlier corec game. They were all pretty big dudes, and all of them hit pretty dang hard (sometimes hard enough to go into the other IM games on the other side of the field). We lost 20 something to 4 or 5 (or something around there).