Two Playoff Wins May 15, 2011











Woke up at 7:10 this morning, ate a quick breakfast, picked lucas up, and went to church for worship practice. Rob joined us this morning to help sing and play guitar. I think the set went well, just like it always seems to despite all my worrying and lack of faith. God is faithful. Had missions sharings at sunday school.

Played basketball with george and frank from 1:30 to 4:30 today. There weren’t many people there at first (presumably due to the thunder/memphis game), but soon there were enough people there for two games.

Played our first IM softball playoff game at the fields next to the arc at 5 for corec. We played Lees team, and were trailing 2-6 at the end of the game when we miraculously game back in one inning to tie. We then had two scoreless innings before going into extra innings. We held them scoreless again, and finally spencer smacked a run home, giving us a win.

Went home, chillaxed and watched the heat/bulls game with my bro while eating In n out.

Went back to the same field at 9 to play our mens IM softball playoff game. We played a japanese team, and somehow won 12-6. Our team hasn’t played very well this season, but today everything started clicking.

My parents were gone all day today visiting my grandparents and a family friend. They returned at midnight.